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Imagine. Dream. Achieve.

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Keep track of all of your characters.


Very basic prompts to help you keep track of your story outline.


Use this to analyze your own writing, or give to people who want to help you improve.


Write Your Own Destiny

You've got what it takes to achieve your dreams!



Hi! I'm Camika (you can call me Meeka if it's easier). I'm a writer. I love lots of things, and one of the greatest things about being a writer is getting to research lots of different subjects. It's cool learning hypothetically how to create a simple bow from just materials you'd encounter in a forest, or how people used to treat wounds and keep them from getting infected before the days of modern medicine. I mean, what adventure happens without a few cuts and bruises amiright? 

I've had a lot of ups and downs on the path of life, and I've learned some interesting lessons. Maybe some are obvious, maybe they aren't. It doesn't help anyone else if I keep what I've learned to myself though. I want to encourage people to be brave, and imagine the life or job they want, then dream it, work hard for it, and achieve it. If I can help people get to their own path, that's the best thing I could ever probably do (except hopefully write a great novel).

Work hard for what you want in life.

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